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Everything You Need to Know About Movable Walls and Partitions

Posted on Aug 23, 2023

Movable walls and partitions have become an integral part of modern architecture and interior design, providing a flexible solution to space management. They offer sound separation and custom design options while retaining the possibility of altering layouts to accommodate evolving needs on a daily or long term basis.

From large corporations to small start-ups and educational institutions to hospitality sectors, these movable wall system solutions cater to a broad range of audiences and environments. This guide will provide comprehensive insights into the world of movable walls and partitions, their types, uses, and advantages.

Table of Contents

What are Movable Partition Walls?

Movable walls represent a premium solution for dividing and reconfiguring spaces to one’s desired needs. These walls are able to adapt for architects seeking flexibility in workspace, hospitality, education, and government layouts and the best use of limited areas. 

Available in diverse styles, sizes, materials, finishes, and sound control options, movable walls offer extensive customization possibilities to meet any need.

How Are Movable Walls Configured?

The main types of movable wall system configurations are: 

  • Single panel:  These systems consist of individual panels that move along a track, granting the ultimate flexibility for various layouts and finishes.
  • Paired panel: In this setup, panels are hinged in pairs and move linearly along the track, effectively filling openings while maintaining a coherent design.
  • Continuously hinged: Panels in these systems are linked in a train-like formation, extending to the wall’s length as a complete unit, granting quick and seamless setup.

What Finishes Can I Add To My Movable Walls? 

At Modernfold, we offer numerous finishes for you to customize your movable wall: 

  • Coverings: A series of covering options are available for movable wall panels, including standard and premium vinyl, standard and premium fabric, carpet, laminate, veneer, as well as the customer’s own material.
  • Pass Doors: A variety of pass doors are available and manufactured with the same acoustical control and finishings as the related panels allowing for desired traffic flow.
  • Pocket Doors: A multitude of pocket doors are also available for selection, allowing you to conceal your movable wall panels discreetly.

Are Movable Wall Systems a Good Investment for Your Business?

Thanks to their versatility, movable walls can take space potential and turn it into possibilities. With minimal effort, you can quickly reconfigure your space layout of a restaurant, school, dance studio, nonprofit, or more. 

Whether you want to add more privacy or reconfigure your space, movable wall systems offer many options. With various styles, sizes, materials, and colors, you can find the perfect option for your space.

What are the Different Types of Movable Wall Systems?

Moving wall systems come in a variety of styles and options, allowing for increased flexibility compared to traditional walls. They make space usage highly effective and add a financially sound dimension for the owner, operator, and tenant. 

What Movable Wall Systems Do We Offer?

Operable partitions: Our Acousti-Seal® product family and its associated technology are your key to unlocking the full potential of any interior space. The product line includes:

  • Acousti-Seal® Encore®
  • Acousti-Seal® Legacy®
  • Acousti-Seal® Premier®

Glass wall systems: Moderfold’s glass wall systems perfectly separate and define space while letting in natural light. Sophisticated and stylish, these walls are the perfect tools for architects and interior designers looking to create welcoming atmospheres ranging from corporate offices to retail stores. Our glass wall products include:

  • Acoustic-Clear® glass wall systems
  • HSW-GP, a single-point fitting system
  • Compactline®, PureView®, and PureView Plus®, horizontal rail systems
  • PureView FSW-G and PureView FSW-C, folding sliding systems

Accordion doors: Accordion doors maximize space efficiency by allowing you to open up large areas with minimal effort. These versatile dividers can be used as temporary or permanent walls for dividing rooms, creating privacy, or blocking off sections of an area.

Movable walls are popular solutions for businesses and community buildings. Many movable wall systems are available, including operable walls, glass walls, and accordion doors.

What are the Benefits of Movable Partitions?

Whether you are an architect or interior designer, movable partitions are beneficial for efficiently using spaces. You make the most out of your space while having the ability to adapt that space to your needs. 

Acoustic Separation

These instruments are also a solution for creating acoustically sound spaces. Our movable partition wall systems have quality Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings, preventing sound transmission from traveling from across rooms.

Practical Installation

Our products are precision-engineered to do the job they were designed for. Modernfold ensures that any needed service, maintenance, or quick retrofits stay in the way of your productivity and profitability.


Our movable partitions are designed to provide maximum privacy and can be fitted with various locking mechanisms to ensure your area is secure. They are the ideal solutions for rooms that require confidentiality. 


Thanks to the different finishes and materials, movable partitions make excellent aesthetic solutions for creating functional and beautiful spaces. Our movable partitions can be customized to match your interior decoration or create a new aesthetic. 

Future Expansion

As your business grows, your space requirements will change. With movable partitions, enterprises can easily reconfigure space to meet changing needs without incurring significant expenses.

Where Can Operable Partitions Be Used?

Operable partitions are popular for creating versatile spaces in different types of buildings. Their flexibility allows the creation of contemporary rooms providing privacy and sound insulation. Among the most common are:


The flexibility of operable wall systems means that businesses can adjust their office layout as their needs change. Partitions also provide sound insulation, which is crucial for confidential meetings and conferences. Additionally, they can be customized to fit the design and branding of the office.


Operable partitions are also ideal for hospitality venues such as hotels, conference centers, and exhibition halls. These spaces must be able to morph and accommodate different events and functions based on attendance and function, and operable partitions allow for easy conversion from one room setup to another as demands change each day.


Educational institutions can benefit greatly from operable partitions. They allow for the creation of multiple classrooms within a larger space, which is particularly useful for schools with fluctuating student numbers.

Religious Institutions

Churches and other religious institutions can also benefit from operable partitions. They allow the creation of small rooms for small group studies or counseling sessions while also providing larger spaces for worship services and events.

What Materials Are Movable Walls Made Of?

The wide variety of materials available for movable walls makes them ideal for many situations. By understanding the various frames, panels, and finish materials, you can make informed decisions when selecting operable walls for your projects.

Panel Construction

Operable walls consist of frames that provide structural integrity and support. The choice of frame and panel covering material depends on sound control, aesthetics, and the size of panels required.

Non-Steel Skin Panel

This panel’s frame is once again made of steel, and the corners are welded and reinforced where the most stress occurs. The difference is that the panel's skin is no longer steel and is now made of gypsum, wood veneer, or medium-density fiberboard, and it is laminated directly to the frame.

Framed Glass Panel

To build, tempered glass is secured within a full frame.  The glass itself can be clear, frosted, low iron, custom glass, or even our MorphGlas offering that allows the glass to transition from clear to opaque with a push of the button.  This construction can offer up to 51 STC sound control.

Frameless Glass Panel

In this option, tempered glass is fastened between a top and bottom rail.  Glass can be clear, frosted, low iron, and custom.  This provides very appealing, uninterrupted daylighting without the full frame, but sound control is only up to 15 STC.

What Is an Acoustic Partition Wall?

Generating optimal sound is imperative when creating a comfortable and functional space. Acoustical partitions are specifically designed to generate this optimal sound for the spaces you want to create. Acoustical partitions are specially designed barriers that effectively control sound transmission between different spaces. These partitions are engineered to minimize noise pollution and create acoustically optimized environments, ensuring privacy and enhancing productivity.

What Is Acoustical Control?

Acoustical control refers to managing and regulating sound levels within a given space. It involves strategically placing sound-absorbing materials and using effective partitioning systems to control sound transmission and create desired conditions 

The Importance of Sound Control in Various Settings

Sound, defined as audible vibrations, can greatly impact physical and mental well-being. Understanding the effects of sound transmission, absorption, and reflection is key to achieving optimal acoustics.

Measurements such as loudness (decibels), pitch (frequency), and duration allow us to analyze sound control in diverse environments like:

  • Offices
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hospitality venues

What Are Fully-Automated Operable Partition Walls?

Over the course of history, automation has been a driving force for change, revolutionizing various industries. Regarding space optimization and design, fully-automated operable partition walls have emerged as necessary and next-level.  The market currently offers a range of fully automated wall systems, including single-panel, continuously hinged, and vertical systems. These walls are distinct from semi-automated walls as they automatically extend and retract with push-button operation. 

Benefits of Fully Automated Operable Walls 

  • Flexible space solution
  • Acoustical control between divided spaces
  • Interior daylighting with glass partitions
  • Endless design options
  • Reconfiguration occurs quickly
  • Increased end-user safety
  • Reduced overhead and labor

Operable Walls vs. Traditional Walls

Many differences exist between operable walls and traditional walls, shedding light on their flexibility and acoustic control. Let’s review their attributes to best select the operable wall for your business needs.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Operable walls offer a unique solution for maximizing space utilization, especially in a post-pandemic corporate environment where hybrid workforces remain dominant. Operable walls allow businesses to maximize square footage with the ability to morph as the day demands.

Sound Control

Any wall on the market - operable or fixed - has an associated STC or sound control rating, but only operable walls provide both STC and versatility. Keep in mind that you should understand what kind of sound control a space desires, so you can make an informed decision about what will fit best. 

Optimize Your Space With Modernfold

In conclusion, the choice between traditional walls and more flexible options such as operable or demountable walls hinges on your unique needs. Consider factors like flexibility, sound control, and space efficiency. 

When it comes to the choice of wall type, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Whether you opt for traditional walls or more flexible solutions, your brand should be reflected in the design and materials used to create a welcoming space that reflects your company’s values.

Regardless of your choice, Modernfold offers a variety of solutions designed to enhance your space's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Remember, the right wall system can bring your vision to life and create a space that truly adapts to your needs. 

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