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What Are the Different Types of Movable Walls?

Posted on Mar 22, 2023

Movable walls are an increasingly popular way to divide office, hospitality, government, or educational spaces. Moving wall systems come in a variety of styles and options, allowing for increased flexibility compared to traditional walls.

They make space usage highly effective and add a financially sound dimension for the owner, operator, and tenant.

What Movable Wall Systems Do We Offer?

Operable Partitions

Our Acousti-Seal® product family and its associated technology are your key to unlocking the full potential of any interior space. Modernfold's operable partitions allow you to rapidly adjust room sizes, reducing sound and maximizing floor area usage in minutes. 

Our Acousti-Seal® operable walls are available in:

  • Single panel systems
  • Paired panel systems
  • Continuously hinged panel systems

Glass Wall Systems

Modernfold’s glass wall systems perfectly separate and define space while letting in natural light. Our range of glass walls allows you to create clean, modern lines for a contemporary look.

Modernfold Glass Wall Systems bring a captivating new level of openness to your space, with natural light playing an essential role in any design. Sophisticated and stylish, these walls are the perfect tools for architects and interior designers looking to create welcoming atmospheres ranging from corporate offices to retail stores. 

Our glass wall products include:

  • Acoustic-Clear® glass wall systems
  • HSW-GP, a single-point fitting systems
  • Compactline®, PureView®, and PureView Plus®, horizontal rail systems
  • PureView FSW-G and PureView FSW-C, folding sliding systems

Accordion Doors

With accordion doors and partitions from Modernfold, putting space to new use is as simple as drawing a curtain. Our high-quality systems are functional and elegant, offering a wide choice of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit any space.

Accordion doors maximize space efficiency by allowing you to open up large areas with minimal effort. These versatile dividers can be used as temporary or permanent walls for dividing rooms, creating privacy or blocking off sections of an area.

Modernfold, Filling Space With Success

Movable walls are increasingly popular solutions for businesses and community buildings that want to maximize their space usage without sacrificing flexibility or design. Many movable wall systems are available, including operable walls, glass walls, and accordion doors. 

Movable walls provide an innovative way to make the most of your interior spaces. Whether you're looking for added privacy or more efficient use of space, Modernfold has the perfect movable wall system. Contact our team today.