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What Are Movable Walls?

Posted on Mar 27, 2023


Movable walls are the premium space division solution in the marketplace offering all environments the ability for walls to be moved or reconfigured to meet the best demands of any given day. Movable partition walls are an ideal choice for architects that need to provide their clients with the ability to quickly change their workspace layout or maximize a finite space for many uses. 

These movable walls come in various styles, sizes, materials, finishings, and STC or acoustical control options, making them highly versatile and customizable.

How Are Movable Walls Configured?

The main types of movable wall system configurations are:

  • Single Panel: Single-panel movable walls comprise individual panels operating along a track system.  Single-panel construction provides immense flexibility, allowing for multiple layout options, egress options, and finish options.
  • Paired Panel: Paired panel construction uses panels hinged together in groups of two in a straight line along the track to fill the opening.
  • Continuously Hinged: Continuously hinged panel systems are hinged together in a train and extend from one end of the wall to the other as a complete unit, allowing for quick setup.

What Finishes Can I Add To My Movable Walls?

At Modernfold, we proudly offer an array of options and different finishes for you to customize your movable wall:

  • Coverings: A series of covering options are available for movable wall panels, including standard and premium vinyl, standard and premium fabric, carpet, laminate, as well as the customer’s own material.  Work surfaces such as markerboard and tack board are also available.
  • Pass Doors: A variety of pass doors are available and manufactured with the same acoustical control and finishings as the related panels allowing for desired traffic flow.
  • Pocket Doors: A multitude of pocket doors are also available for selection, allowing you to conceal your movable wall panels discreetly.  Options available allow you to match the surrounding aesthetic in the room.

Are Movable Wall Systems a Good Investment for Your Business?

Thanks to their versatility, movable walls can take space potential and turn it into possibilities. With minimal effort, you can quickly reconfigure your space layout of a restaurant, school, dance studio, nonprofit, or more.  You can create private workspaces in an open-concept office. Additionally, our wall systems are designed with industry-leading STC ratings and soundproofing features that help reduce ambient noise in shared spaces and provide privacy when needed. Movable partition walls are perfect for businesses that want to keep their area flexible and efficiently use their resources.

Whether you want to add more privacy or reconfigure your space, movable wall systems offer many options. With various styles, sizes, materials, and colors, you can find the perfect option for your space.


Discover All our Movable Wall Solutions

At Modernfold, we provide a variety of movable wall systems including operable partitions, glass wall systems, and accordion doors that will suit your needs. Make the most of your space with our movable walls and take advantage of the unlimited possibilities that come with them! 

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