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What Materials Construct Movable Wall Panels?

Posted on May 31, 2023


Operable walls, also known as movable walls, have revolutionized contemporary architecture and interior design by offering flexible and efficient space utilization. Their wide variety of materials makes them the perfect option for commercial, educational, governmental, and hospitality spaces aiming for quality, aesthetics, and sound insulation.  

By understanding the various frame, panel, and finish materials, you can make informed decisions when selecting operable walls for your projects.

Panel Construction 

Operable walls consist of frames that provide structural integrity and support. The choice of frame and panel covering material depends on sound control, aesthetics, and the size of panels required.

Welded Steel Skin Panel

To build, a formed steel skin with no sharp edges is welded directly to the panel’s steel frame. This is the most durable panel construction option.  It can also provide up to the highest level of sound control for solid panels with 56 STC.

Non-Steel Skin Panel

This panel’s frame is once again made of steel, and the corners are welded and reinforced where the most stress occurs . The difference is that the skin of the panel is no longer steel and is now made of gypsum, wood veneer, or medium-density fiber board, and it is laminated directly to the frame.

Framed Glass Panel

To build, tempered glass is secured within a full frame.  The glass itself can be clear, frosted, low iron, custom glass, or even our MorphGlas offering that allows the glass to transition from clear to opaque with a push of the button.  This construction can offer up to 51 STC sound control.

Frameless Glass Panel

In this option, tempered glass is fastened between a top and bottom rail.  Glass can be clear, frosted, low iron, and custom.  This provides very appealing, uninterrupted daylighting without the full frame, but sound control is only up to 15 STC.

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