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Glass Wall Systems

Modernfold Glass Wall Systems add openness to your space, making natural light a welcomed addition to any design. Elegance takes shape with these glass partition walls, becoming a tool for architects and interior designers to craft unique and welcoming environments in uses as diverse as corporate, retail, education and entertainment.

Discover the elegance of our movable glass walls, the epitome of modern interior design. Modernfold offers five distinct glass systems, each tailored to your unique spatial requirements.

ComfortDrive® Self-Driving Panel Systems

With ComfortDrive®, fully-automated glass panels move to a variety of pre-programmed positions with a user-friendly touchpad. The ComfortDrive® movable glass wall system makes interior organization easier and faster.

Acousti-Clear® Glass Wall Systems

Acousti-Clear® delivers the ultra-sleek contemporary aesthetics of aluminum and glass with highly desired sound separation. Modernfold offers three products under the Acousti-Clear® glass partition walls.

Single-Point Fitting Systems

Immerse your space in light with Modernfold movable wall systems featuring a Single-Point Fitting System.

Horizontal Rail Systems

Modernfold Horizontal Rail Systems provide the beauty of uninterrupted glass while being housed in a design that delivers smooth operation and rock-solid stability..

Folding Sliding Systems

Modernfold GWS Folding Sliding Walls are ideal for a straight-line system configuration where total vision is required. The continuously hinged sliding panel system offers easy setup and manual operation.