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Operable Partition Systems

Equipped with our signature Acousti-Seal® technology, Modernfold’s custom wall partitions represent one of the most flexible solutions to making the most of your interior space. With our operable walls, room sizes can be changed to control sound and capitalize on the most efficient use of floor space.

Modernfold offers four unique movable wall configurations to cater to your interior organization needs. Explore our wide selection of movable partitions today and transform your space easily and elegantly.

Single Panel

The Acousti-Seal® single panel wall partition system provides the ultimate versatility and flexibility. This system allows such capabilities as multiple room setups and changes in the location of pass doors and work surfaces.

Paired Panel

The Acousti-Seal® paired panel system is ideal for quick and easy setup since panels are hinged together in groups of two and move in a straight line within the opening. This movable wall system is ideal for applications that require exceptional durability, acoustic control, and frequent, efficient use.

Continuously Hinged

The Acousti-Seal® Encore® Automated movable partition wall consists of continuously hinged panels automatically extending as one unit without the need for manually moving the partitions.

Designer Line

Acousti-Seal® Designer Line offers artistic solutions to customize your operable partition wall with various unique design finishes, murals, window, and glass options. 

With ample customization options available, your Acousti-Seal® system can truly adapt to your aesthetic, acoustic, and organization needs.