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What Are Fully-Automated Operable Partitions?

Posted on Sep 26, 2023

Over the course of history, automation has been a driving force for change, revolutionizing various industries. Regarding space optimization and design, fully-automated operable partition walls have emerged as necessary and next-level.

What Are Fully-Automated Walls?

The market currently offers a range of fully-automated wall systems, including single-panel, continuously hinged, and vertical systems. These walls are distinct from semi-automated walls as they automatically extend and retract with push-button operation.

Key Characteristics of Automated Walls

Fully Automated Wall: Single Panel System

Some key characteristics of this system include state-of-the-art technology with touchpad operation, panels individually programmed for custom configurations, opening and closing speeds of 30 ft/min, and multiple locations for panels to stack.

Fully Automated Wall: Continuously Hinged System

This system includes panels connected in a train for electronic deployment, opening and closing speeds of 28 ft/minute, limited layout configurations, and center stacking for storage requirements.

Fully Automated Wall: Vertical System

Vertical systems also include state-of-the-art technology with touchpad operation, panels that extend and retract vertically, honeycomb core steel panels, an operating speed of 30 ft/minute, and no pass door options.

Benefits of Fully-Automated Operable Walls

Flexible Space Solution

Fully-automated operable walls provide a critical design element that helps you meet flexible space needs. They allow you to transform larger areas into smaller, more intimate spaces or combine multiple rooms into one spacious area effortlessly.

Acoustical Control Between Divided Spaces

These automated walls can offer excellent acoustical control, ensuring privacy and minimizing noise transfer between divided spaces depending on the operable wall system selected. Industry-leading sound transmission class (STC) ratings provide enhanced soundproofing capabilities.

Interior Daylighting With Glass Partitions

Modernfold's architecturally-striking, fully-automated glass wall systems allow interior daylighting, creating bright and visually appealing spaces. 

Endless Design Options

With fully-automated operable walls, you have endless design options at your fingertips. From various panel finishes to customizable configurations, these walls can be tailored to suit your specific design preferences and requirements.

Reconfiguration Occurs Quickly

Thanks to the automated functionality, reconfiguring spaces is quick and hassle-free. The push-button operation allows for effortless movement of the walls, ensuring smooth transitions and adaptability to changing needs.

Increased End-User Safety

Modernfold prioritizes safety, and our fully-automated operable walls are designed with the utmost consideration for end-user safety. Stringent safety measures and reliable mechanisms ensure secure operations, preventing accidents or mishaps.

Reduced Overhead and Labor

Overhead costs and labor requirements can significantly reduce by implementing fully-automated operable walls. The automated systems streamline the process of configuring spaces, eliminating the need for manual labor and reducing overall operational expenses.

Get Fully-Automated Operable Partition Walls

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With our unrivaled expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are the ultimate resource for your operable wall needs.

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