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Sprinkles Cupcakes

Atlanta, GA

Sprinkles Cup Cakes, in Lenox Square Mall, is located among the lush trees, rolling hills, and beautiful skylines of Buckhead.

Sprinkles uses Modernfold’s 362 SR-DRS Glass Wall System as a security wall to separate the shop and the open atrium area when their store is closed to the public. This security feature is accomplished by using the locking footbolts at the bottom of each panel.

The glass wall system also allows the public to view employees preparing the days goods for opening while the shop is closed. The all glass panels are used to control traffic and allow light to pass into the shop to see the dramatic colors and decorations within. When not in use, the glass panels are easily hidden away in the storage pocket between sides.

Customer Comment: “The glass walls are beautiful, how they allow you to see the beautiful colors of the eatery while the location is not even open or while the treats are being made.”


  • 362 SR-DRS
  • Full Rail
  • Single Panel
  • #17G Steel Track
  • Sliding Panel Closure
  • Locking Footbolts

Architectural Firm:

  • GHA Architecture


  • David A. Nice Builders, Inc.

Installing Distributor: