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PureView Delivers on Its Name in the City of Roses

Posted on Mar 21, 2023

National law firm, Buchalter, renovated their Portland office entrance and conference space with Modernfold’s PureView Plus movable glass wall system artfully bringing together both their respect for expansive city skyline views and their commitment to intimate clients meetings.  Designed with attention to every detail, PureView Plus provided Buchalter with highly desired daylighting capabilities and space flexibility, but ultimately it was the 37 STC acoustical control that proved PureView was the movable glass wall system of choice.

“From the very beginning, the team at Ankrom Moisan had discussions with the full team.  We understood that the view of the city was important to the client.  We counseled them to maximize glass and sound control with Pureview Plus for their four conference rooms.  It offers a high-end aesthetic that also performs,” said Jake Bauer, Project Manager at Interior Tech, Modernfold Distributor.

Unique finishing options were available to customize the look as well.  Functionally, the client was keen on having two egress options in their largest conference room which was able to be accomplished with the pivot panel option on one end and a convertible panel on the other.  Additionally, the black anodized coating was selected and the ladder pull handles providing a look that greets every visitor at their office with a sleek visual.

The PureView Plus single panel configuration was selected allowing for easy employee operation that can be changed within a moment’s notice.  “Modernfold’s PureView Plus was designed so that every space could benefit from easy flexibility, a luxurious look, and an industry-leading STC 37 rating,” said Bryan Welch, Managing Director of Modernfold.  “People are often surprised by how approachable this product actually is.”

“These PureView glass walls have been installed for a few months now we have received nothing but great feedback from general contract, architect and end user.  I am very proud that we were able to deliver on our promises,” said Jake Bauer.

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