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Options and Accessories

Pass Doors/Pocket Doors

Modernfold offers the best solutions for pass and pocket doors near you. Find out how our door systems can help you below.

Pass Doors

Modernfold provides various pass door options for utilizing Acousti-Seal® and Acousti-Seal® Encore operable partitions. Manufactured with the same robust construction and sound control as every other panel, Modernfold pass doors seamlessly blend in with the adjacent panels utilizing matching construction.

  • Single and double configurations
  • Matching door
  • Hollow metal pass door
  • No exposed vertical or horizontal trim
  • Steel pass door legs provide durability, strength, and safety
  • Acoustical and non-acoustical construction
  • One-hour UL Fire ratings available
  • ADA-compliant hardware available
  • Optional door viewer available

Pocket Doors

Having the ability to hide away your movable wall when not in use is a highly desired feature of a movable wall system. Modernfold offers a variety of pocket options to do just that, as well as control the sound that wants to escape around them. 

  • Acoustic and non-acoustic solutions to conceal panel storage areas
  • Pre-fabricated with jambs and hardware installed
  • Jambs vinyl/fabric wrapped to match or complement the finish of panels

Offered in both acoustic and non-acoustical options, Modernfold pocket doors can be covered to match your existing surroundings, making them blend into the surrounding environment when not in use.


Why Work with Modernfold?

Modernfold pioneers the movable wall industry, setting benchmarks for innovation and quality.

  • Comprehensive Custom Solutions: Excels in crafting top-tier custom wall solutions for every project.
  • Infinite Potential: Surpasses traditional design boundaries, offering countless possibilities to revolutionize spaces.
  • Space Optimization Expertise: Maximizes space potential, providing dynamic, adaptable solutions that inspire.

Wall Maintenance Excellence: Doors require maintenance for longevity. We offer comprehensive wall maintenance for enduring excellence.