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Movable Walls Amp Up Corporate Mojo in the Music City

Posted on Aug 07, 2023

Countless work-from-home opportunities are swaying savvy companies to counter the comforts of home with energetic office spaces employees adore. Ready for the challenge, Lifeway, a 130-year-old nonprofit provider of ministry resources in Nashville, Tennessee, partnered with Visioneering Studios, Southeast Partitions, and Modernfold, Inc. to create the perfect flex-space for their hybrid workforce and multi-media production and event needs.   

Building on a long partnership with Lifeway, architecture firm Visioneering Studios was challenged to bring a “Nashville vibe” to their new building. It needed to accommodate both private working spaces, small team meeting rooms, and large gathering areas for up to 300 people used for product launches or client events. The team focused on utilizing colors, textures, and materials in interesting ways and wanted high-end, operable walls to complete the space.   

“With the operable wall systems being such large surfaces, we wanted them to not only integrate into the overall look, but serve as their own unique feature, offering aesthetics and function,” said Danae Dougherty, Managing Principal at Visioneering Studios.  

“Transparency in the central space was also key.  With the team rooms located at both ends of the Commons, we wanted the occupants to have light and unobstructed views all the way to the exterior through the use of glass partitions,” added Regina Thompson, Nashville Studio Director.  

Modernfold distributor Southeast Partitions was brought in on the project to provide both critical architectural and design solutions for the operable walls desired. Project Manager, Ben Jolley, recommended two Modernfold movable wall solutions. He knew that by combing various product lines with matching aesthetics, both the visually-striking glass wall system as well as the high-performance operable wall system would meld perfectly into the overall design of the building.  

Ultimately, Modernfold’s Acousti-Clear® panels, customized with a satin black powder coat frame and industry-leading 51 STC rating, and Acousti-Seal® Premier paired panels fitted with a 50 STC rating and a wood veneer vinyl finish were specified.  

Jolley and his team collaborated with Visioneering Studios from dimensions, design, and pricing to finishes, storage, and more. Consistent communication was key.  Their expertise even allowed for some of the unique challenges of the older building to be addressed accurately and efficiently. “When I install panels, I want to ensure they look the best and perform the best,” explained Jolley. “I like to keep my hands on them for the duration of the project and provide full support.” 

Months after the office opening, Dougherty reports that “we receive weekly calls and texts from the President of Lifeway, with positive feedback. The rooms with the Modernfold partitions are some of the most highly used spaces.  Overall, the objective to create a competitive space for in-office work has been exceedingly met.”    

Modernfold thanks Southeast Partitions, Visioneering Studios, and Lifeway for the opportunity to be a part of this project.  Please visit the Acousti-Clear® and Acousti-Seal® product pages to learn more about these high-end solutions, or contact your local distributor.