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Modernfold Donates Operable Wall to Benefit New Jersey Youth

Posted on May 09, 2023

When New Jersey-based nonprofit LUCY Outreach moved into its forever home, it did so with a renewed excitement for providing educational, social, spiritual, and service-oriented programming to the area’s youth. With a team approach, a stunning and inviting space was built perfectly suited for a variety of their multicultural and multigenerational programs.  

Architect Gregory La Vardera and LUCY Outreach Executive Director Kristin Prinn had a vision that quickly identified flexible space as a critical need. Therefore, they brought local Modernfold distributor ModernfoldStyles and manufacturer Modernfold, Inc. into the project to provide operable wall solutions. Witnessing the impact LUCY Outreach was generating, Modernfold, Inc. quickly realized it was now our turn to make a difference.    

In the fall of 2022, Modernfold, Inc. was honored to donate two Acousti-Seal® Premier® single panel operable wall systems. By utilizing an Acousti-Seal® Premier® single panel system, LUCY Outreach would now be able to take their space and divide it into three rooms depending on the needs of the day. Children could be provided a welcoming space designated by age or program. Additionally, the Acousti-Seal® Premier® walls could provide the acoustical barrier needed to ensure noise from one area would not interfere with another.  


To obtain the 50 STC, the panels were constructed with a 3” thickness with fixed seals on the top and A2 automatic seals on the bottom. A #17 standard bracket switch and curve track system ensured smooth and simple use. Along with smoke gray trim and hinges, the walls were custom made with full-height corkboard finish on both sides.  

Executive Director Prinn paid one of the greatest compliments of all when she denoted finding the walls “so user-friendly, easy, and durable, and won’t break or damage even when working with hundreds of teenagers.”  

Today, Camden’s youth use the corkboard-covered walls to showcase their artwork, photos, and other projects. They also utilize the rooms to gather together and discuss their home life, peers, and the neighborhood environment impacting their lives.

“Modernfold feels fortunate to have been invited to be a part of such an important project.  Our partners at ModernfoldStyles, Gregory La Vardera, contractor J.H. Williams Enterprises, and certainly the LUCY Outreach team have made a lasting home for countless children and their families.  If our operable walls can be an aid to helping make a safe space, it is our honor to be in the facility, “ said Bryan Welch, Managing Director of Modernfold, Inc.

We encourage you to learn more about LUCY Outreach as well as our Acousti-Seal® partitions.