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Create Flexible Learning Environments with Movable Walls

Posted on Sep 26, 2023

In recent years, the school environment has significantly shifted towards creating more dynamic and adaptable learning spaces. The traditional classroom setup with rows of fixed desks and a static chalkboard gradually gave way to flexible learning environments - designed to promote collaboration, engagement, active learning, and improving school climate for students. One of the key tools in achieving this transformation is movable walls.

What Are Flexible Learning Environments?

Flexible learning environments are spaces within educational institutions that can be easily adapted to accommodate a variety of teaching and learning styles. In these spaces, behavior-based design promotes layouts that can be modified to suit different instructional methods and space usage needs. This adaptability fosters a more student-centered approach to learning, where students can collaborate, socialize, engage in group activities, and also work independently as needed.

How Can Movable Walls Enhance Flexible Learning Environments?

Movable walls provide the structural adaptability necessary to transform a static room into a dynamic space catering to various educational needs. 

  • Partitioning Space: Movable walls can divide a larger space into smaller sections or create separate learning pods. This flexibility allows multiple activities to take place simultaneously within the same space.
  • Acoustic Control: Modernfold’s movable walls are designed with soundproofing in mind. This feature is crucial in educational settings where different activities may require varying levels of noise control. We are proud to offer an industy-leading 56 STC to meet the demand.
  • Aesthetics: These walls are available in various designs and finishes, making it easy to create an inviting and visually pleasing environment that enhances the learning experience. The benefits of natural light are also accessible through our acoustical glass wall system options. Work surfaces can be built into operable walls as well with markerboard and corkboard finishings.
  • Security: Modernfold is also proud to offer the Protector Series which provides automated, emergency line-of-sign deployment of MorphGlas or shades when danger presents.


Flexible Space in Education: Filling Spaces with Success

Flexible learning environments are at the forefront of educational innovation, promoting engagement and adaptability in the classroom. Movable walls play a crucial role in transforming traditional spaces into dynamic learning hubs. By considering the needs of both teachers and students, selecting the right movable walls, and planning the layout thoughtfully, educational facilities can harness the full potential of flexible learning environments.

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