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More Than Just Glass: Exploring Modernfold's Acousti-Clear® Portfolio

Posted on Mar 04, 2024

Innovation and technology constantly push the boundaries of what is possible. Modernfold’s Acousti-Clear® portfolio is an advancement that goes beyond conventional glass solutions. 

What is Acousti-Clear®?

Our Acousti-Clear® product family is a cutting-edge solution that redefines the concept of glass partitions. It combines transparency with the industry-leading  acoustic performance for glass operable walls.Additionally, it offers a unique and versatile design element for various environments. 

Benefits of Acousti-Clear® 

Sound Insulation

One of the standout features of Acousti-Clear® is its exceptional sound insulation capabilities. Designed to maintain acoustic integrity, this technology ensures that privacy and tranquility are preserved even in bustling environments. Acousti-Clear® leads the industry with 51 STC.  Our innovative design minimizes sound transmission, creating spaces where conversations remain private and focused.

Design Flexibility

Architects and designers appreciate the flexibility that Acousti-Clear® offers in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The system allows for various configurations, including RAL powder coat finishes, privacy options inclusive of MorphGlas™ and motorized Draper shades, mullions, hardware, creating unique and visually stunning spaces. The adaptability of Acousti-Clear® empowers designers to bring their creative visions to life while maintaining optimal functionality.

Increased Privacy

Privacy is a crucial consideration in today's open-concept spaces. Acousti-Clear® addresses this need by providing a balance between transparency and seclusion. Whether used in offices, educational institutions, or hospitality settings, the technology offers occupants a sense of privacy without sacrificing the benefits of an open environment.

Light Transmission

Acousti-Clear® doesn't just separate spaces; it connects them through natural light transmission. The technology allows for the passage of light, creating well-lit and inviting interiors. This feature enhances the overall ambiance and contributes to energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Applications of Acousti-Clear® Technology

Commercial Spaces


In modern office environments, collaboration is key. Acousti-Clear® supports this by balancing open communication and the need for focused work. The system can be integrated into office layouts, offering a seamless blend of transparency and acoustic privacy.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms demand versatility. Acousti-Clear® adapts to the requirements of different meeting scenarios, offering a clear view during presentations and ensuring confidentiality during private discussions.

Educational Institutions


Acousti-Clear® transforms traditional classrooms into dynamic learning environments. The technology supports various teaching methods by allowing educators to adapt the space to different activities, promoting student engagement and collaboration.


Libraries are evolving into multifunctional spaces. Acousti-Clear® allows for the creation of quiet study zones and collaborative areas within the same library, catering to the diverse needs of patrons.

Hospitality Industry


Restaurants can create intimate dining spaces or open up areas for larger gatherings with Acousti-Clear®. This flexibility allows for a dynamic dining experience that aligns with the restaurant's concept and clientele.

Event Venues

Event venues often host a variety of functions. Acousti-Clear® enables organizers to customize the space based on the event's size and nature, ensuring an optimal experience for attendees.

Explore Endless Possibilities with Modernfold

Modernfold's Acousti-Clear® Technology is a game-changer in the realm of architectural design. Its unique combination of transparency, sound insulation, and design flexibility creates new possibilities for creating functional and visually stunning spaces. Acousti-Clear® goes beyond glass, transforming spaces in commercial areas, educational institutions, and the hospitality industry. It's a solution that elevates our experience and interaction with surroundings.

To explore the endless possibilities of Acousti-Clear® in your next project, contact Modernfold today. Elevate your spaces with the perfect blend of form and function!