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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions asked by Modernfold customers. If you have any other questions about our products or service offerings, please call us at 800-869-9685 or contact us at

Are walls sound proof?

In truth, very little is sound "proof." You would have to go to a recording studio or a lab setting to experience total sound proofing. However, excellent sound control can be achieved with the right panel system. Taking into consideration the entire room environment is the most important first step in the process. You see, often times, wall manufacturers will talk only of the panel they provide and not how the bottom seal will interact with your flooring, the design of the top seal or the header area above the panel. You can be sure that Modernfold will take into consideration the entire room environment to make sure that you get the sound control you expect.

Can you make walls electric?

Yes, both operable walls and accordion partitions can be provided with electric operation. Review the selection guide provided on this site or talk with your Modernfold distributor about which models can be electric.

Are they easy to move?

Yes, Modernfold panels are extremely easy to operate. This is a result of both excellent system design and a quality installation. If you are having problems with panel operation, it could be that your panels are out of plumb or you are having track problems. Be sure to have your system serviced by a licensed Modernfold Service Center technician at least once each year.

Can I get them faster?

You bet. Many different options are available for a more expedient delivery schedule. Contact your local Modernfold distributor for specifics.

Does Modernfold handle the installation?

Our team of Modernfold distributors has an extremely high level of product knowledge and will be on and off the job site quickly and with a high degree of professionalism.

How long does it take to install?

As with many construction projects, it would be hard to answer that question without looking at some plans. Work with your local distributor to learn about job scope and the site requirements. Your distributor will be happy to give you a firm installation schedule and also include information on current lead times.

What are the colors or finish options that are available?

Modernfold offers standard vinyl, carpet and fabric selections for you to choose from. In addition, COM materials can be easily applied to most panel configurations. Keep in mind that a COM material must be submitted for review by our quality control staff to ensure that panel adhesion and color match are attainable.

Where are the walls made?

Our primary manufacturing facility is in Dyersville, Iowa and our corporate headquarters is in Greenfield, Indiana.

Where can I see one in operation?

Just contact the Modernfold distributor in your area and they will proudly show you our walls at work.

What kind of beam and support structure is needed?

The necessary overhead support structure depends on the system you select, the length of the run, and the STC rating you are looking to achieve. Our representatives have worked with architects, building owners and contractors on support issues for many years. Include your representative in discussions early in the process to ensure that we find the best solution for your application.

What kind of sound rating do you recommend?

Sound ratings, just like many other aspects of operable walls choices greatly depend not only on the room configuration, but how the room is going to be used. Speech privacy is achieved at over a 46 STC. That means that normal speech will not be heard on the other side of the panel. Be sure to talk with your Modernfold representative to be sure that you are choosing the right sound rating for your application.

What are the hanging weights of the partitions?

The hanging weights depend on the system. Hanging weight information can be acquired by calling the Modernfold distributor in your area.

How do the drop seals work?

We offer many different kinds of drop seals. First, there is an automatic seal that will set when two single panels come together. Next we offer two types of manual seals. The manual crank seal offers ease of operation in a panel edge or panel face crank design. The cable operated seal is operated with a pull handle at the panel edge or face.

When do I choose a #17 track system over a #14 track system?

Our track systems are really application specific. As you go up in panel height and increase the panel thickness and weight, you need to make sure that your track support increases with these decisions. Both track systems are excellent designs and have worked well for years.

When is a steel skin more suitable?

The main reasons you would choose a steel skin are for increased STC control and added panel durability.

How do I get technical support?

Modernfold technical support is available in many different ways. Go to the contact us section of the site and e-mail us your question. We will respond as quickly as possible. You can also call 1-800-869-9685 to speak to the Modernfold distributor in your area, your regional sales manager or a customer support/tech support manager.

Can you tell me how to build support structure to support the partition?

Modernfold systems are designed to work with existing structural supports. However, as we have mentioned before unique job conditions exist and should be reviewed with your Modernfold representative.

Can the panels be adjusted if settling occurs?

This is a primary reason to have a regularly scheduled visit by a Modernfold Service Center representative. Yes, the panels can easily be adjusted. However, it is much better to identify and correct the issue early then to have the panels forced into place for long periods of time. Give your walls a check up now and then.

What are the differences between Modernfold and other manufacturers?

The best way to answer this is that all panels are not created equally. Spend time talking with your Modernfold distributor about corner construction, interior panel construction, skin application, track systems and seal mechanisms. Then, you'll understand the Modernfold difference.

What is the advantage of an automatic seal over a manual seal?

Seal choices are based on both the panel configuration and the situations of the room. If you have a single panel system that requires frequent set ups, an automatic seal may be right for you. Manual seals work well in paired configurations as well as single panel runs. To make a choice, consider how often you will reconfigure and who will reconfigure. Then talk it over with your Modernfold representative. This is the best way to identify the seal type that works best for your needs.

How do I know if I need an accordion or an operable partition?

This decision should be based on the sound rating you are looking to achieve, the amount of times you plan to reconfigure, the budgetary requirements and the function of the room. As mentioned, this is another example of an excellent issue to bring up with your distributor. They can show you installations in both cases and help you understand the many choices very clearly.

Why do you need an operable floor seal in a panel?

Operable seals reduce wear on the panel sweeps so sound control is maintained. Also, they reduce wear on floor surfaces. Most importantly, they help the panel system compensate for instances where the floor is out of plumb.

Why do some firms have panel edge trim and others do not?

That is one of those panel construction issues mentioned earlier. Modernfold has chosen to build their panels with concealed metal trim. The panel skin is protected and the panel finish is given a clean uniform appearance. If you would like panel edge trim, we can easily provide it at any time.