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Acoustical control is critical in most facilities. That makes it a sound investment, especially considering the technical achievements that have made Modernfold operable partitions an especially effective method of adding quiet spaces to areas in need of sound attenuation.

Planning for the right acoustics might appear to be as simple as choosing an appropriate STC level for your partition. However, the structure of the surrounding construction also plays a critical role in maintaining the desired degree of sound control. It pays to make informed decisions about acoustics as early as possible because once construction is complete, it is too late.

That's why selecting the right wall system for acoustical control, in conjunction with complementary architectural elements, takes careful research and planning. Modernfold has the experience you need to provide information and advice that can guide the best possible decision about acoustics. To help provide some basic background on the right questions to ask, the Modernfold Acoustical Guide will help simplify your wall selection process.

Once you are familiar with some of the ways sound reduction can enhance your space, the next step is to consult the experts at Modernfold. To discover how we can turn down the volume and turn up your workplace productivity, call us at 800-869-9685 or contact us at

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