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Flexible Space in Healthcare: Filling Spaces with Care

Posted on Sep 26, 2023

Acoustical comfort for any patient is critical for their recovery process and overall well being. It is imperative that an architect carefully considers the best design for the creation of sound isolation and absorption when designing healthcare institutions. 

Operable walls are one effective tool that allows for any healthcare space to flex as needed while also offering critical speech privacy for the patient and their family, acoustical comfort throughout the 24-hour demands of a healthcare environment, and minimal annoyance from noise-producing sources.

Noise can disrupt a patient's routine, emotions, thoughts, and sleep in the absence of effective acoustical management. Anger, weariness, and stress-related symptoms can arise from exposure to constant loudness. The effects of trying to recuperate in a loud setting that often disturbs a patient's sleep include a depressed mood, increased daytime drowsiness, and even worse, impaaired cognitive function. Increased risk of hypertension, heart disease, and stroke are among the long-term impacts.

How Do Acoustics Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity for Healthcare Staff?

Additionally, healthcare workers benefit from having acoustically sound workplaces because they enable better communication and attention to detail, both of which affect the quality of the treatment provided. Modernfold’s operable partitions can aid in meeting both of those requirements.

In addition, as hospitals continue to work to address their lack of surge capacity for in-patient needs, operable walls present an option to help with flexible space solutions that work well for both the healthcare system, their patients, and their employees.

Are Acoustics Materials with Antimicrobial Properties Effective at Controlling the Spread of Germs?

Product advancement has allowed for acoustics and antimicrobial properties to be offered from the same operable wall system. Modernfold is proud to offer highly durable, stain-resistant coverings for our operable partitions that have no topical or chemical finishes. Our walls can be aggressively cleaned with water, solvent cleaners, diluted bleach, and many other hospital-grade disinfectant cleaners. Covering options are also antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-staph making our walls excellent solutions for to our healthcare customers.

We also strongly recommend that architects and designers look for manufacturers that can provide health product declarations for their automated partition systems. Modernfold’s can be accessed online under Product Documents.

Are There Different Acoustic Needs in Different Parts of the Facility? 

Yes, different spaces have different acoustical requirements to be high functioning. For example, a patient room has a recommended 55 STC, which can be addressed with Modernfold’s industry-leading 56 STC wall; whereas a reception area typically has a lower STC required or expectation.

Adding porous materials such as drapery, upholstered furniture, carpet, sound-absorbing ceiling and wall materials, and of course, operable walls can increase both the comfort end-users experience and the acoustical performance of a space.

Make Use Of Our Movable Wall Solutions 

Elevate your healthcare space by harnessing the versatility and efficiency of our movable wall solutions. Whether it's optimizing space utilization or enhancing privacy, our solutions are designed to adapt to your needs seamlessly. 

At Modernfold, we deliver the highest-quality, custom wall solutions from start to finish. Our operable partitions and architecturally striking glass wall systems wow customers and provide them with endless possibilities for their environments. Contact us today!