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Modernfold Launches Partnership with Carnegie Xorel®

Posted on May 31, 2023

Today, Carnegie Xorel® and Modernfold, Inc. announced a first-in-class partnership. After decades of partnering together to dress operable walls around the world, Modernfold is offering customers a formalized, premium fabric covering program with Xorel®, a sustainable product line that exceeds expectations of durability and beauty.    

This partnership makes the specification process a cinch by eliminating the need to send samples and determine yardage. Clients also have peace of mind as they work alongside two companies with a demonstrable dedication to sustainability.    

“Keeping true to our values, we look for partners with a strong, authentic commitment to the environment and responsible governance,” said Carnegie CEO Gordon Boggis. “We have true alignment with Modernfold on prioritizing sustainability and providing quick, easy, and competitively priced specifications for projects of all sizes and needs. I look forward to bringing our Xorel product to even more clients.”    

The 10 pattern families included in the Modernfold covering program are Ashford, Dover, Galway, Linen, Meteor, Mojave Matte, Strie, Tangle, and Twine. Within each pattern family, all color options are included in the program resulting in 156 unique covering options. As a direct-applied covering to operable walls, customers can also expect:  

  • 10-year warranty
  • Durability - stain and tear resistance
  • 100% PVC-free and biobased content

“Xorel has adorned countless Modernfold movable walls over the past decades.  Our customers have long understood the value of both Carnegie and Modernfold products so the formalization of our partnership simply made good sense in meeting market desires,” said Bryan Welch, Managing Director of Modernfold.  “Our products together provide a high-end solution set to exceed expectations.”    

Contact with your local distributor today to learn how to best utilize Xorel® coverings on your next project.