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Operable Partition System

Operable Partition Systems

Modernfold’s Acousti-Seal® custom wall partitions are the most flexible solution - making the most of your interior space. Our operable walls allow you to adjust room sizes, control sound, and maximize the efficient use of floor space.

Modernfold offers four unique movable wall configurations to meet your space division needs. Explore our selection of movable partitions today and transform your space with ease and elegance.

Glass Wall Systems

Modernfold Glass Wall Systems add openness to your space, making natural light a welcomed addition to any design. Glass partition walls bring elegance to diverse spaces, aiding architects and designers in crafting unique environments for corporate, retail, education, and entertainment settings.

Discover the elegance of our movable glass walls, the epitome of modern interior design. Modernfold offers five distinct glass systems tailored to your unique spatial requirements.

Accordion Doors

With accordion doors and folding partition walls from Modernfold, putting space to new use is as simple as drawing a curtain.  The Accordion product lines are ideal for users looking for choices that seek style, value, and moderate sound control.

Options and Accessories

Enhance your Modernfold partitions by adding standard or customized options and accessories. They provide solutions that can improve your facility's safety, functionality, and security and add to its aesthetic appeal. Choose from various custom applications, including window cutouts, moldings, spinner panel walls, barn door sliders, telescoping sliders, sloped floors or risers, and locking expandable closure.

Single Panel

The Acousti-Seal® single panel wall partition system provides the ultimate versatility and flexibility. This system allows such capabilities as multiple room setups and changes in the location of pass doors and work surfaces.

Paired Panel

The Acousti-Seal® paired panel system allows for quick setup because panels are hinged in pairs and move in a straight line within the opening. This movable wall system is ideal for applications that require exceptional durability, acoustic control, and frequent, efficient use.

Continuously Hinged

The Acousti-Seal® Encore® Automated movable partition wall consists of continuously hinged panels that automatically extend as one.

Designer Line

Acousti-Seal® Designer Line offers artistic solutions to customize your operable partition wall with various unique design finishes, murals, window, and glass options. 

With ample customization options, your Acousti-Seal® system can truly adapt to your aesthetic, acoustic, and organization needs.

ComfortDrive® Self-Driving Panel Systems

With ComfortDrive®, fully automated glass panels move to various pre-programmed positions with a user-friendly touchpad. The ComfortDrive® movable glass wall system makes interior organization easier and faster.

Acousti-Clear® Glass Wall Systems

Acousti-Clear® delivers the ultra-sleek contemporary aesthetics of aluminum and glass with highly desired sound separation. Modernfold offers three products under the Acousti-Clear® glass partition walls.

Single-Point Fitting Systems

Immerse your space in light with Modernfold movable wall systems featuring a Single-Point Fitting System.

Horizontal Rail Systems

Modernfold Horizontal Rail Systems provide the beauty of uninterrupted glass while being housed in a design that delivers smooth operation and rock-solid stability..

Folding Sliding Systems

Modernfold GWS Folding Sliding Walls are ideal for a straight-line system configuration where total vision is required. The continuously hinged sliding panel system offers easy setup and manual operation.

Modernfold Accordion Doors and Partitions

Modernfold offers Soundmaster® and  Modernfold® products under the Modernfold Accordion Doors and Partitions Systems

Finish Options

Modernfold goes beyond the basics to offer solutions that enhance the safety and security of the building.

Modernfold Truss Systems®

Completely eliminates the need for overhead support for your Modernfold partition system

Pass Doors/Pocket Doors

Includes single and double pass doors, as well as acoustic and non-acoustic solutions to conceal storage areas

More Than Walls

With backing from dormakaba, the global leader in premium access solutions, today Modernfold continues to guide the industry. Whether a convention center or a growing business, Modernfold is trusted for versatile solutions. From office expansion to educational enhancements, we fill spaces with possibilities customers rely on.

Modernfold has evolved beyond just providing movable walls to its clients. We offer a wide range of products and services that cater to different industries and spaces. This includes acoustically-rated partitions for privacy, glass walls for natural light and transparency, and custom walls for unique architectural requirements.

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