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It started simply enough: in classrooms and church buildings that needed a quick, effective and affordable way to create new uses for existing space. The product that evolved from those meeting halls and gymnasiums — the Modernfold accordion door — was revolutionary for its time, so much so that it was exhibited at the same World’s Fair that introduced television to the world.

And as the projects expanded, the company’s reputation grew as well. From building the tents, aircraft hangar doors and bomber engine covers that helped win World War II to developing a steady stream of innovations in commercial construction in the following decades, Modernfold became the standard for making space work smarter.

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With backing from dormakaba, the global leader in premium access solutions, today Modernfold continues to guide the industry. Whether the client is a convention center covering several city blocks; a growing business that needs to add office productivity without adding real estate; or an elementary school seeking to bring new potential to their learning environment — whatever the need, Modernfold is the name customers count on to fill space with possibilities.